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Skype woes

Have spent another few hours this week trying and failing to get Skype working properly on linux.  Still no luck.  It refuses to pick up my microphone, even though it's obviously working as I can make sounds come out of the speakers...  Mind you, various kde sound recording apps don't pick it up either, no matter how much fiddling I do with the mixer settings... 

I'm determined to get it working eventually though, because then I won't have to use windows for anything.  But for now I think I've exhausted all possible solutions, bah :(

So I'm currently using skype for IM... continue reading »


In case anyone needed any more proof that I might be a bit of a geek, check out the time of this post :)

If you have no clue what I'm on about, here's a little quote from Wikipedia:

On Friday, February 13, 2009 at exactly 23:31:30 (UTC), Unix time will equal '1234567890'.

A cool number!  How exciting. Also, it was 1234554321 earlier this evening...  Shame about the leap seconds really.

I know, I know - very sad :|

But I'm still always vaguely pleased to catch the clock when it's 01:23, 12:34, 13:37, 23:45, etc.  The little binary clock sat next to the 'normal'... continue reading »

a weekend in Birmingham

Well, I've had a really good and busy weekend :)  And as it turns out, also quite an expensive one.  bah...

Friday evening was a UBKC polo tournament.  Current teams vs old gits (I chose to just spectate, hah).  We then went for curry, which involved consumption of far too much wine.

Bit of a lie in on Saturday (and more than a bit of feeling quite ill).  Then off we went to Llangollen, for a quick bash down the Dee :)

Back to Birmingham and time for more socialising - pie party, then pub, then sitting about watching random films for a... continue reading »

Gender Confusion

Facebook's latest irritating feature seems to be a little buggy, hehe.

A box on someone's profile if their birthday is coming up, encouraging you to give them a gift.  That's virtual gifts which cost a dollar each... so of course this has nothing to do with Facebook trying to make some money, hah. (side note - do people seriously waste money on those?!)

Anyway, I read their blog post about it and wandered off to find some examples of it.  First up, a male profile (names removed for privacy!)

Some confusion there then!  Same with another male friend, but female friends' profiles were... continue reading »