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spending lots

March can easily be summed up in one word: expensive.

As if buying a kayak wasn't bad enough, I've also been spending not insignficant amounts on things like deposits for holidays (French Alps in June, woo!), a shorty cag, car MOT, etc etc.

And when I popped into Halfords to get a bulb for the car, I managed to come out with a bike.  Oops.

The bike does not have a name, and is a greeny colour, which this photo does not show very well.

Fitting it in my car was a right pain in the arse - first off, 'quick release' wheels is... continue reading »

oh really?!

Whilst googling for something at work earlier, I ended up on a site which had obviously been a little bit, er, compromised (as this has nothing to do with whatever postgreSQL weirdness I was hunting for).

Anyway, I'm lazy so I'll just cut-and-paste what I wrote in an email about it at the time:

oh no, 'windows security center' on some utterly random website has
detected that I have a virus!  And that I have no anti-virus
software...  gosh, I'd better install this one that it's helpfully
suggesting to me.  I do hope it will run on linux!

Clearly a... continue reading »

Specsavers must think I'm psychic

I tore a contact lens the other day.  Or rather, I went to put it in and noticed it was ripped, dunno how it happened.

Bit annoying, as that's only two weeks into its month of life, but there we go.

It then occurred to me that I haven't had a new lot of lenses yet.  (get a batch through the post every 3 months, the last arrived beginning of December)

So I phoned the lensmail people to see where my stuff has got to... to discover that they're holding my lenses hostage until I go for another eye test.  But no-one bothered... continue reading »

ooh look, a boat!

I went shopping yesterday.  Look what I came back with:

A shiny new Dagger GT!  With adjustable comfy outfitting, and assorted bits of extra padding/foam which I don't know where to put... His name is Gordon :D

les légumes

I'm in Lyon at the moment, in a very posh hotel (here on business, hehe).

My French is rusty, to say the least.  But I'm making an effort, and so just about got through my entire meal last night without speaking English :)

Then the waiter appeared with a shot glass of something green and moussey looking.  I didn't really catch any of what he said, other than that I should eat it and say if I like it...

Had a few spoonfuls, but couldn't quite place the taste  So I asked.  Eventually we got as far as "comme un chou-fleur... mais le... continue reading »