spending lots

March can easily be summed up in one word: expensive.

As if buying a kayak wasn't bad enough, I've also been spending not insignficant amounts on things like deposits for holidays (French Alps in June, woo!), a shorty cag, car MOT, etc etc.

And when I popped into Halfords to get a bulb for the car, I managed to come out with a bike.  Oops.

The bike does not have a name, and is a greeny colour, which this photo does not show very well.

my new bike

Fitting it in my car was a right pain in the arse - first off, 'quick release' wheels is a lie when you have no idea what you're doing...  Anyway, I've ridden it once - 3.7 miles around some bits of the Severn floodplain yesterday :)

The plan is to ride to work occasionally, thus saving me money on petrol (lots of short journeys is not doing my fuel consumption much good) and getting me fitter at the same time.  That's a 4.5 mile trip, mostly flat, so should be quite doable.  Unless it's raining, obviously...

I'm quite scared of my bank balance now, although today was payday so it shouldn't be too bad again.  Until the credit card bill arrives, that is :s



  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    Goes nicely with the sofa!

    geek's mum | 1st Apr 09 15:50

  2. Katy's gravatar

    It's a bit more green in real life. But yes, you're right!

    Katy | 1st Apr 09 16:36

  3. Jim's gravatar

    A bike and a boat in one month? Ouch, my card burns just at the thought of it! Whens the blog post of your first fall coming :P

    Jim | 14th Apr 09 9:59

  4. Katy's gravatar

    give me time, I only got back last night! and technically it's not the first fall anyway :P

    Katy | 14th Apr 09 10:48

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