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Hello Fabia

As previous mentioned, Important Job #1 for 2011 was 'buy a new car'.

Today, I have done just that - waved goodbye to my little green polo (bit sad to see it go, actually), and driven away in a very clean and shiny Skoda Fabia.  Of the estate variety.  So basically, a newer bigger polo with a different badge on.

54 Plate, diesel, and only 37,000 miles on the clock :)  It's also got all sorts of fun things like heated seats and a trip computer so I can obsess over how many miles per gallon I'm getting.  Gadgets, yay

It's quite ridiculously... continue reading »

Stupid Freeview

At some point in the last month, my Freeview signal went all crappy.  As it occasionally does (grr).  I was lazy for a few days and just ignored it, hoping it might magically fix itself.  It didn't.  So I powercycled the box a few times.  Nope.  Unplugged and re-plugged all the cables.  Nope.

So I retuned the box.  Analogue switch off soon, blah blah, so I thought maybe things had moved a bit in preparation.

Turns out this was a very silly idea.  I am now left with only BBC channels, ITV3, QVC and Fiver.  Not a brilliant selection, especially if you... continue reading »

it's 2011

Should I be writing small essays about how good/bad/whatever 2010 was?  Can't be arsed.  It's been... busy.  and generally good, I think.

The last week or so has been quite spectacularly lazy.  No work, not especially any other fun plans - so I've mostly been asleep, and have now almost entirely lost track of what day it is.  Getting up on time for work on Tuesday isn't going to be nice.

That said, I was up bright and early on New Year's Eve, but only because we went kayaking :)  And I did have a little nap when I got home before... continue reading »