Hello Fabia

As previous mentioned, Important Job #1 for 2011 was 'buy a new car'.

Today, I have done just that - waved goodbye to my little green polo (bit sad to see it go, actually), and driven away in a very clean and shiny Skoda Fabia.  Of the estate variety.  So basically, a newer bigger polo with a different badge on.

my lovely new car

54 Plate, diesel, and only 37,000 miles on the clock :)  It's also got all sorts of fun things like heated seats and a trip computer so I can obsess over how many miles per gallon I'm getting.  Gadgets, yay

It's quite ridiculously clean and shiny, having been freshly valeted today.  That won't last for long, given that my main reason for needing a bigger car is so I can fill it with boats and bikes and kit and stuff (and people). hah

Downside to this large bit of shopping - I'm now very poor.  But I have bought some bargain ebay roof bars, for half the price of brand new ones, so it's not all bad I guess...


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  1. Alex's gravatar

    Hahahaha, you've got a Skoda*

    (*I wish I had a shiny new Skoda)

    Alex | 19th Feb 11 23:19

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