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thirty two

I had another birthday this week.  I'm long past being excited about birthdays, but this years was extra dull because I wasn't feeling particularly healthy thanks to the boyfriend sharing his cold germs with me a few days earlier.  We basically spent the evening coughing and sneezing in front of the TV.

However I did manage to make a cake - raspberry, blueberry and lime (without the drizzle).

I've done this one as a birthday cake before, but I wasn't really feel like trying anything new and I remembered it being very yummy.  It didn't get iced, and I forgot to take... continue reading »

Cleeve Hill trigpoints

For a slight change of local dog walking scenery we headed up Cleeve Hill.

It's a popular spot - easy access, great views and lots of options for walking, cycling, horseriding, kite flying, climbing, etc etc.  It also has two trig points.

One is in the middle of the golf course, at 317m.  There's a toposcope next to it too.

The other is near the radio masts, and at 330m marks the actual summit.  Apparently it also makes a very good scratching post for the many sheep on the common.

As you can see it was a lovely sunny afternoon.  Unfortunately this meant I... continue reading »

Long Mynd

Being British, I am very experienced in dealing with many types of rain.

Shropshire was, on this occasion, suffering from a particularly wet variety. The sort which requires windscreen wipers on full whack, and makes you wish you hadn't put your walking boots and waterproofs in the boot of the car because that means getting soaked in the few seconds it takes to retrieve them.

The day's target was the trig point on the Long Mynd, and I'd originally planned a circular walk from Carding Mill Valley (about 8k).  But given the delightful conditions I changed my mind and drove most of... continue reading »