60,000 miles

60000 miles

Yes, I am sad enough that seeing things like that make me smile. Even better when it ticks over just as I'm coming into the village, so I didn't have to take any dodgy camera phone pics whilst driving (like the one of 50,000 taken at 40mph...)

1337 o'clock always amuses me too. And 1024, 1234, 2048, 2345 etc etc. Ooh, and any time that make pretty patterns on my binary clock thing (which is actually quite often)

Incidently, 50,000 was June 2nd, so a tiny bit over six months ago. Have I mentioned recently that I spend too much time in my car? hmm

(and a slightly geeky sidenote - why the hell is the Gimp's jpeg compression so shitty? grr)



  1. Amelie's gravatar

    Ooh, all shiny and digital :P That's not as exciting as seeing the old analogue roundy-things all literally ticking over... I remember my mum's old car did 100,000 (I think? Maybe it was more than that though...) at one stage and we were there to watch it do so. Fun, in a slightly (ok, very) sad way...

    Amelie | 11th Jan 07 19:25

  2. Iain Porter's gravatar

    What worries me is that I'm doing nearly as many miles a year as you are, even though Uni's only 15 miles from home... When I bought my car (end of may / early June, I think?) it had 33000 miles on the clock and it's now on 44500... and yes, leet o'clock always amuses me too. You want to worry if you glance at the clock, find it's 13:35 and deliberately look again about two minutes later... (oh, and on an almost completely unrelated note - it's *really* worrying when you find yourself glancing at the bottom right hand corner of newspapers to find out the time...)

    Iain Porter | 11th Jan 07 23:16

  3. Tom's gravatar

    Well now my car's done 100,000 miles but it only has 5 digits on the speedo so it only looks like it's done 68 :).

    Wanted to get in touch with you regarding Substantia Nigra site mate, got a few queries, but none of my emails have got through.


    Tom | 12th Jan 07 13:04

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