So apparently Morrissey wants to do Eurovision. wtf?!

I really don't understand the UK's approach to Eurovision. Every year they (or, if you really must, 'we') try and find the *best* song and get far too serious about it. Is it not painfully obvious that the song that wins it is always going to be the most cheesy and ridiculous one? Seriously, if I've realised this - bearing in mind that I don't think I have ever watched more than about 15 minutes of Eurovision - why hasn't everyone else?
I also really don't understand why anyone would actually want to win the bloody thing, apart from to make money out of hosting it..

But yeah, Morrissey - you're an idiot.
Imagine how well his whining about something vaguely intellectual will fit in with a load of slighty-too-hyper foreigners dancing around in daft costumes singing about pixies and teapots and whatever other crap it is they do? hmm
I suddenly feel the need to watch Father Ted..



  1. Iain's gravatar

    I don't really think the music has *that* much to do with it. I suspect it's a little more political than that really...

    Iain | 10th Jan 07 15:34

  2. Katy's gravatar

    heh, apparently so..

    Katy | 10th Jan 07 20:44

  3. geek's mum's gravatar

    So, did you not see what won it last year? Iron Maiden in Scandanavian gear I think

    geek's mum | 14th Jan 07 20:32

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