ubuntu is actually not so rubbish

Yesterday Alex rather foolishly agreed to let me remove Windows ME from his (old old old) laptop and but something decent on there instead. ie linux, in the form of xubuntu (cos the laptop is crap and only has 64meg of ram)

I don't think I've mentioned here yet that my kubuntu install is now working perfectly.. My dad changed one setting in the bios and suddenly everything started working properly without me having to do anything else. So actually not linux's fault at all, but rather my hardware being a bit stupid. oops.

But yes, the laptop. Installing xubuntu wasn't entirely straightforward, but that's mainly because of the lack of ram and space and stuff. After 2 failed attempts at a 'normal' text-based install, where both times it got stuck at the same point (configuring something called 'anthy' which I don't even need..), I installed a command line only system, which worked fine and at least that way it got to the point of installing grub so the thing would actually boot. Then it took an hour and a half to install the desktop (urgh, sloooow) and another hour to update everything else, but it's all working now :)
Even the wireless works! (laptop is too old to have anything so useful as a network adapter). I thought I'd have to fight with ndiswrapper, but no, it picked it up and got the right drivers and Just Worked. I'm impressed :D

Just for some kind of weird geeky bragging, here's a list of the computers in the house now:

  • Dougal - my desktop, dual booting Kubuntu Edgy and windows XP (but only when I absolutely have to, ie never)
  • Ted - my old machine, which in theory dual boots 98se and debian sarge, but in actual fact doesn't boot anything at the moment... one day I'll fix that
  • Dmitri - laptop, now exclusively running Xubuntu Edgy (I wanted to call it Jack but Alex wouldn't let me)
  • Alex's desktop - currently running nothing because its graphics card has died so now all it does is make angry beeping noises when you turn it on. hah.

Mmm, linux everywhere :D

Alex seems slightly less impressed at the idea of him using linux, and went off on some weird rant about how you can't actually do anything with it because it's not windows and therefore software won't run on it. eh? I pointed out that I've been happily using it for lots of different things for over two years now, but apparently "that doesn't count". er, okay then.
But at least now he can check his emails without hijacking my machine.



  1. Amelie's gravatar

    My kubuntu is still a bit rubbish. Doesn't boot very well and still has fights with various bits of hardware and stuff :\ My wireless works but I had to have more fights with ndiswrapper than I've had with Windows (and that's saying something). And it still randomly drops the connection for no reason. *Smackity*

    Amelie | 14th Jan 07 16:06

  2. geek's mum's gravatar

    Surely Alex's laptop should be called Jack if it only makes rude noises ...

    and if it was a bios setting that was incorrect, surely the programmer was to blame and not the hardware? Think you need to give the paternal cranium power a bit more credit

    geek's mum | 14th Jan 07 20:28

  3. Iain's gravatar

    Oooh... should I list all of the computers in my house...? :-/

    Laptop - Kubuntu edgy & XP Home
    Desktop - XP Pro (only my parents use it, not much point in a linux install)
    Server - FC4, awaiting me to be arsed to upgrade it to 5... (I tend to keep it about one release behind the latest in case anything breaks)
    - that's all the ones in use at the moment...
    Also have -
    PII 233 Dell something
    PII 350 Compaq something
    PIII 750 HP server of some sort (massive thing, very noisy)
    PIII 450 unbranded something with 'property of Coventry Technical College' printed on it
    2 x Celery 850 Compaq somethings (not mine :-( )
    and enough bits to clone my desktop machine, but except for the case, they're not very reliable bits...

    Iain | 14th Jan 07 20:31

  4. Katy's gravatar

    Iain, that is TOO MANY computers :P (if such a thing is possible)

    saying that, I bet there's more computers/bits of computers in my parents' house...

    Katy | 14th Jan 07 20:38

  5. Amelie's gravatar

    Lol @ "Celery"... XD My laptop's an Intel Celery 2400 :P
    My Alex's laptop is a P4 2800, and his desktop's a Pentium D 2800, both only have XP on them, the latter has that Media Center version. Mine has Kubuntu Edgy Eft and Win XP Home. W000o0o0o0o

    Amelie | 14th Jan 07 21:10

  6. Robin's gravatar

    Way to make someone feel inadequate. I have the one PC running XP. (Does that I'm running it on 2 gig of RAM restore anything for me?)

    Robin | 15th Jan 07 8:59

  7. Iain's gravatar

    It just makes you fat :-p (not phat, sorry).

    Iain | 15th Jan 07 13:13

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