Because it would take far too long to properly write up the two weeks I've just spent in the French Alps, here's a random photo and a list:

random Alps image

  • two ferries
  • 32 hours of driving (at least)
  • many euros
  • one river paddled (l'Argentiere Slalom course, and a bit beyond due to missing the eddy)
  • half of the Chateau Q via ferrata (because it started raining and got quite slippery)
  • one glacier and ice cave
  • one funfair
  • two books
  • several bottles of wine
  • two very yummy crepes
  • many croissants/pain au chocolat
  • various bits of sunburn
  • about 160 photos (using up 6 sets of batteries!!  not impressed!)
  • large quantities of faff
  • a general lack of sleep

I'm probably missing lots of things, but nevermind.  Obviously other (better) people did more kayaking than I did! We also watched SlopeJam and the Student BoaterX, which were quite entertaining. Much carnage :)

Lovely clear blue water in rivers is so much more appealing than muddy brown stuff.  But freezing cold (and lots of it, although levels had dropped a lot)!  I spent quite a bit of time paddling around and rolling in the lake by the campsite/slalom course.  Brrr!  Didn't get very far with actual swimming in it, as even on a boiling hot sunny day it was far too cold, hehe.

Back in the 'real' world, I've comfortably passed all my exams :D  Just the project to go now, and it's still quite feasible that I could get a distinction overall, which is exciting!


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  1. Jim's gravatar

    Rolling in ice cold water? Obviously those 2 bottles of wine did the trick!

    Jim | 23rd Jun 08 11:15

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