minus what?

This makes my brain hurt. Mainly because I refuse to believe that people really are so stupid.

Negative numbers aren't scary, unless they're the ones representing my bank balance...

Although saying that, I was sleepily failing to get my head around this kind of stuff in a  rather dull lecture yesterday.  It makes sense now I've re-read it though.  mmmm, geeky.

but I can count on my fingers!

One eighth of 32 is... uhhh?  Really though, how are people that stupid?  Actually, they're probably not - a survey of 2000 ITV viewers is not a representative sample of anything and statistics are crap and easily manipulated and should probably never be listened to.  ever.

And whilst I'm thinking about it...  1 in 14?  from 2000 people?  yeah, that's a nice round number.  Same as all those stupid shampoo adverts: "90% (of 142 people) say their hair is shinier".  Oh really, do they now?  Best not to get into the 'science' of how you can measure shininess, or the other... continue reading »

odd sights

Some amusing/bizarre things from the last week or so:

Tuesday evening, massive thunderstorm :)  Later on I notice that the church clock (which is very noisy) had lost two and a half hours.  I don't know if it got struck.  Cue many bad jokes about Ludlow being 'behind the times' etc.Man emptying the bins.  Nothing weird here you might think - but instead of taking the bag out of the bin and chucking the whole lot in his little cart thing, he'd was using one of those litter picking grabby sticks to remove things from the bin one at... continue reading »

New MP3 Player

I've bought myself a new mp3 player.  One of these.  It's small and shiny and rather nice, and came with the shortest usb cable I have ever seen - 12cm including both connectors!  The player could really do with a clip though, but I can buy that as an accessory and it'll still work out much cheaper and better than an ipod shuffle :P

Only problem is, I'm sat here now listening to it (because hey, it's new and all), but I keep getting confused because I'm pressing win+b on my keyboard to skip to the next track and nothing's happening....... continue reading »

Keele vs. the internet

so, Keele's in the news again today.  This time because someone vaguely high-up has taken offence at students saying not-entirely-positive things about the uni on Facebook.  Shock horror! :o

OK, so having a group called "so and so is a twat" probably isn't the nicest thing to do, so I can almost see their point on this, but sending an email to all students about it, and threatening a code of practice is a little bit over the top perhaps.

Also, Facebook is full of completely stupid and pointless groups (heh, I'm a few) and there's a whole system there for reporting... continue reading »

"do you have any ID?"

I got IDed (how do you spell that?) again today.

Given that I will be 23 in a month's time, this is almost annoying. Actually I don't really mind, because it doesn't happen that often and it is just them doing their job with the "if you look under 21" thing.  If I thought it was because I looked under 18 I would be upset.

But urgh, it's the way they do it.  Last week at whatever club in Hanley, that's fine because they simply asked, looked, then said ok and that was it.  But today in Somerfield the woman was really... continue reading »

lazy bus drivers

There are two takeaways on the other side of the road.  This means that pretty much any time between 1800 and about 2230 there are cars parked on the double yellows (on both sides of the road) because people are far too lazy to walk more than about 5 metres to get their chips.

I find this slightly amusing, partly because they're all lazy fat bastards (spaces just a little bit down the road...), and partly because of the very bad driving/parking that goes on.  Pulling out across the road in front of other traffic?  Not a problem.  You'd think they'd... continue reading »

words that should not exist, part 1

"denuclearize" (and all variants thereof)

Whatever the stupid Americans on the news today might think, that cannot be a real word.

Wind in the willows

Driving home tonight I turned off the A49 (as I always do), got to the little humpback bridge that is best not taken above 30mph, and almost* went flying into the back of another car that was stopped there with its indicators and reverse lights on. oookay then.

At that point I also noticed a large tree - looking slightly more horizontal than trees usually do - about 3m above the road. Plenty of space to drive underneath it, but I figured this guy must have stopped because there was other stuff blocking the actual road. So rather... continue reading »

ooh, bleach...

Katy decides she is not blonde enough and needs some highlights. Katy cannot afford to get them done 'properly', and hates all hairdressers anyway on principle because they're useless chavvy twats.

hmm, let's look back at previous hair colourings shall we?
I had red streaks in the first year of uni, they worked fairly well until they faded and stayed pink for months.
Then I had several failed attempts at going red all over, ending up ginger and then orangy pink.
Then there was the bleach. That worked, but left me with a nice dark halo an inch down my hair. ... continue reading »


The radio alarm comes on in the morning, giving me an hour of news to half-listen to until I finish waking up and get out of bed.

Today I heard the words 'River Monnow', and some discussion about tributaries and the Dore and riverbanks and habitats and stuff. And waterfalls. They're repopulating the river with waterfalls. Lots and lots of waterfalls, to replace ones that vanished years ago.
I can't have been very awake because this didn't seem at all strange. Well, it did a little bit, but only because I couldn't figure out how you'd make new... continue reading »