Pittville animals

Today was lovely and sunny.  We went for a little wander around Pittville Park in Cheltenham.

Most of my previous visits to Pittville have been for parkrun, but there's more to the park than three laps of the lake!

For example, the aviary.  Slightly confusingly named as it houses animals as well as birds, but there we go.

My favourites were the chipmunks because they're tiny and cute and pretty.  They're also really fast, which makes it difficult to take their photo - especially when you've got your camera shoved up against the bars.

This one was chilling out quite happily though.


The rabbits and guinea pigs were mostly asleep, or hiding away in the shade.  Bird-wise, there were peacocks, some fancy looking chickens, doves, and a load of little finchy things.  I'm not a bird expert (in case that wasn't obvious).


Bit more obvious I was shooting through small gaps in the bars of the aviary here, but I quite like the effect!


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  1. Jem's gravatar

    I used to have a little finch thingy like that. Apparently it didn't help me improve my bird knowledge. Saw a fantastic sparrowhawk flying overhead earlier today though - not that it's particularly relevant, but it just came to mind :p

    Jem | 6th Sep 15 21:36

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