It's been a busy week.  Last weekend I was up in Birmingham for the kayak club xmas meal/social (so, a drunken night out then), and yesterday I was up in Birmingham yet again for the small matter of a graduation ceremony :D

Plenty more photos to come if and when I acquire them from various other family cameras.

Birmingham graduation was a lot different to Keele - for starters, this time I actually got to graduate with people I know.  I don't think it dragged on as long either.

However, no escape from crazy organists... walking out of my ceremony at Keele, the... continue reading »


It would appear that all the hard work and pain of the last twelve months was worth it, as I've passed my MSc with distinction!  Yay :D

No Moon

Yesterday I managed to cross off one of my new year's resolutions - roll a kayak :D

This is a very big deal for me, as I've been failing at it for several months now, without any obvious signs of improvement.  But last week I had some kind of breakthrough where it nearly worked, and last night I finally did it :)  And more than once too, so it can't have just been a fluke :P

Right now it's half 3 in the morning.  Ask yourself what I'm doing up at this hour...  One reason could be that there's currently a total... continue reading »

end of term!

Last night I had a very strange dream involving boats and mermaids.  This might be more (or less?) weird if it wasn't (loosely) based on Actual Things...

Anyway, term is over, which means I've successfully survived 1/4 of my course :)  The last week has been hellish in terms of deadlines, and also fairly well packed with socialising and paddling (including an actual real polo tournament, eep!) so I'm absolutely knackered now!

Not that the 'holidays' give me any time to relax - because stupid easter is so early next year we only get 3 weeks off, and I've got an essay... continue reading »

Chocolate Factory

Here is a bit of a clue as to how I spent my Wednesday afternoon this week:

Unfortunately I'm no longer 8 years old, and also having spent a horrible month working in the Lucky Bags factory a few summers ago slightly spoiled my appreciation of Cadbury World.  But it was good, and they let us in the staff shop to buy very cheap chocolate :)

Pretty much everything I've done this week seems to have somehow involved boats.  Apart from lectures, which have involved learning more things I already know.  Maybe this week I can find time for some climbing.  Or... continue reading »

Free Stuff!

Despite now being an old and wise (hah) postgrad who really should know better, I've been round the freshers fair today. Four carrier bags of junk later, this is what my bedroom floor now looks like:

Pretty much all of the paper/fliers are going straight in the recycling 'cos they're all crap.  There are some coupons and stuff, but apart from that I also have...

one frisbeefifteen teabagsa spatulaone bottle openerthree pensenergy saving lightbulb
magnetic words.  Now adorning our fridge - will be interesting to see if anyone takes offence and removes them for looking messy.  The communal areas in this... continue reading »

I'm going back to uni!

ooh look, here's something very exciting which I've been trying to keep quiet about until it was all sorted and stuff..

email this morning confiming an offer to do a MSc in Computer Science at Birmingham, starting this autumn :D

Yay!  I've been slightly jumping around the flat in glee about this today, heh.  Just have to wait for some forms through the post to fill in and send back to accept it.

So yeah, I'm going back to uni :)  This is very exciting! Ever since about half way through the second year of Keele I've had a nagging feeling that... continue reading »