Leeky Chocolate Oranges

Everyone knows that the only way to 'tap and unwrap' a chocolate orange is to bash the living shit out of it, yes? They even have it on the adverts now.

But apparently this is not so true anymore! I'm quite disappointed actually. Me and John had two each in our xmas stockings (yes, I know..), and I've only just got round to eating the second one.
My first one was a tangy one (absolutely the best type), and I barely had to touch that to get it open. In fact, I think all I did was bash it on the arm of the sofa, which given my amazing strength probably equates to not a lot of actual force.
Yesterday I found my minty one, thought "ooh, quarry tiles, they're rather solid" and promptly dropped/threw it at the floor. Slight mistake, as it kind of shattered slightly... oh well.
Also worth remembering that mint chocolate oranges are nowhere near as nice as they should be. ick. I think possibly because it's milk chocolate and not dark. oh well.

Speaking of food, I had a particularly bizarre sandwich yesterday.
One of my half-arsed new years resolutions was to stop buying sandwiches and go back to making my own lunch again. So far this isn't going too well - Vaughan's have five sarnie fillings that I really like, and there are five days in the working week. Yes. At least I've started having cucumber on them now...
But yesterday I went for something different - sausage, leek and mustard mayo. Nevermind that I really don't like leeks or huge amounts of mustard. It wasn't too bad actually, once I'd fished masses of stringy leeky bits out. But I won't be doing it again.


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  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    Are there enough hours in the day to sit picking leeky bits out of sarnies?

    geek's mum | 21st Jan 07 17:15

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