home made trophies

This week was the canoe club AGM... several hours of bickering, followed by an awards ceremony.  Most of our awards are fairly lighthearted, with suitably silly trophies.

Over the years these break/go missing, or we think up new awards.  So I found myself needing to make several new trophies on the cheap.  Easy!

You will need:

fence post toppers (couple of quid each from B&Q!) sandpaper clear varnish sheet of craft foam assorted glues random crap to stick on top

First I sanded any rough edges of the wood, and gave it a couple of coats of varnish (in hindsight, I should have done a lot more sanding).

Then I... continue reading »


This is Levity III. It's big, inflatable and very colourful - but otherwise fairly hard to describe (at least, probably not without getting all pretentious and arty).

It's been at Taurus Crafts in Lydney this week, and I popped along after work on Tuesday.   Abstract bright colours = photo opportunity!

It was good.  Sort of surreal and hypnotic, mostly quite calming and relaxing, and generally a bit odd.  I think there was some music being piped in as well.  An experience mostly unhindered by random children trying to bounce off the walls (despite having been told repeatedly that it is not a... continue reading »

Gender Confusion

Facebook's latest irritating feature seems to be a little buggy, hehe.

A box on someone's profile if their birthday is coming up, encouraging you to give them a gift.  That's virtual gifts which cost a dollar each... so of course this has nothing to do with Facebook trying to make some money, hah. (side note - do people seriously waste money on those?!)

Anyway, I read their blog post about it and wandered off to find some examples of it.  First up, a male profile (names removed for privacy!)

Some confusion there then!  Same with another male friend, but female friends' profiles were... continue reading »

late and broken

A few months ago, work sent me a CD.  It never arrived, which was slightly irritating.

On Wednesday, this appeared:

Impressive.  Well done Mr Postman...

On that note, I'm off to France.  wooooo :D

Free Stuff!

Despite now being an old and wise (hah) postgrad who really should know better, I've been round the freshers fair today. Four carrier bags of junk later, this is what my bedroom floor now looks like:

Pretty much all of the paper/fliers are going straight in the recycling 'cos they're all crap.  There are some coupons and stuff, but apart from that I also have...

one frisbeefifteen teabagsa spatulaone bottle openerthree pensenergy saving lightbulb
magnetic words.  Now adorning our fridge - will be interesting to see if anyone takes offence and removes them for looking messy.  The communal areas in this... continue reading »

I own far too much rubbish

and really I am starting to think that I should stop trying to 'sort through it' and just chuck the whole lot away.

Everyday things are fine and necessary, obviously.  The problem is various boxes of "stuff" - not particularly junky stuff, because I threw a load of that out last time I moved.  Things that are useful, and it would be a waste to just chuck out because I will need them eventually...

Interesting finds from today's dig through the boxes in my study:

loads of notepads/pens/pencils/etcglow sticksbig envelope full of gig tickets5 unused pritt sticks (overkill much?)at least 3 packs of... continue reading »

Leeky Chocolate Oranges

Everyone knows that the only way to 'tap and unwrap' a chocolate orange is to bash the living shit out of it, yes? They even have it on the adverts now.

But apparently this is not so true anymore! I'm quite disappointed actually. Me and John had two each in our xmas stockings (yes, I know..), and I've only just got round to eating the second one.
My first one was a tangy one (absolutely the best type), and I barely had to touch that to get it open. In fact, I think all I did was... continue reading »

The Festive Chicken!

I've put my decorations up. This is really not a big deal, as I have 6 of them and I only fished them out of their usual hiding place because I was bored. Plus only two of them are even remotely 'christmassy' (a snowman and a reindeer). The rest are, well, rubbish. That thing in the photo is not-so-lovingly referred to as 'festive chicken', for the simple reason that it really isn't.

Of course there is a reason behind me owning these things, which involves well meaning people giving me accessorize vouchers. I hate that shop! Full of overpriced crap, and... continue reading »

Tick Tock

So the clocks have gone back (or most of them anyway, I can't reach the one in the kitchen and haven't felt bothered to do various stereos etc yet).
This means I'll have to do a lot more driving in the dark, which isn't really something I've got a lot of experience with. I'll get used to it though, I'm sure.

On the plus side, being back on GMT means that windows no longer gets the chance to fuck about with my computer clock.
I really don't get that particular one actually. Linux knows about daylight savings, and handles it very... continue reading »

No news

It must be August, as there is no news (apart from random terrorist incidents).
Over the last few weeks I've read about how high heels are bad for you (which is hardly new news), something about french kids getting high on mothballs (which at least made me laugh), some MP saying that diabetes is caused by inbreeding and a load of boring twaddle about various other stuff.

Today though we have the wonderful news that David Beckham has been dropped from the England squad! I've been saying for ages that he's past his best, and although I think dropping him completely... continue reading »

monster plant

This is a scary plant. I'm not actually sure what it is, but it's taken up residence in my parents' living room, and I'm sure it was looking at me strangely the other day.

Apparently it falls over occasionally. You don't need a degree in physics to figure out why...