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I have a new computer!  A replacement for my laptop, which has been doing odd overheaty things and making bad noises for the last month or so.  Poor thing.  Still, not bad for being 3 years old and heavily (ab)used on a daily basis.

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The new box is a desktop - a little teeny quiet one.  It's a Dell Inspiron Zino HD. In purple.  And even though obviously I know what spec it is, I can't be arsed to list it because I'm not a hardware geek, hah.

It came with Windows 7.  After two days, all I can really say about windows 7 is that the default dark grey background is dull and ugly... I used it long enough to burn some recovery disks :p

Kubuntu on the other hand, is still very lovely :)  I think every time I do a new install I'm even more impressed.  About a million times better than when I was first playing around with knoppix/debian six years ago!  And noticeably friendlier than the first few ubuntu installs I did too...

I shouldn't be surprised that things "just work" with linux now - and indeed, I'm not particularly.  Even wifi, which has been a headache on pretty much every machine I've had - all I had to do was let it install the proprietry driver.  No hacking about with ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant configs.  Lovely.  Not that I really plan on using wifi, but it's useful to have should I decide to move the computer/router.

The only problem I've found is that the rear line out doesn't work.  Quick google suggests this is a common one, and the "fix" is just to plug speakers into the headphone socket on the front instead.  I'd already figured that one, haha.

Oh, and its name is Trillian.  Replacing Arthur the laptop. (See also: Marvin the phone, and Zaphod the work laptop)



  1. Rich's gravatar

    Oh dear - naming your computers / servers after H2G2 is so 90's...

    Although you have obeyed the golden rule from Verity Stob - absolutely no bloody hobbits!

    Rich | 15th Jul 10 10:19

  2. Katy's gravatar

    yeah, but I don't think I had a computer all of my own in the 90s

    our work servers have a Wacky Races naming theme, hehe

    Katy | 15th Jul 10 11:28

  3. Amelie's gravatar

    Aw, the link to the Dell site appears to lead to a 404 :( I am a hardware geek, therefore I was looking for some specs ;)

    Amelie | 15th Jul 10 12:04

  4. Katy's gravatar

    hmm, link edited... although being dell it's a pick your own jobby, so yeah:

    AMD X2 3250E (1.5GHz 512k)
    3GB ram
    500GB hard drive
    some sort of wifi

    Plus wireless mouse and keyboard lacking in caps lock/num lock lights. bah.

    Katy | 15th Jul 10 16:13

  5. geek's mum's gravatar

    So, do you run Trillian on your Trillian? Love the purple!

    geek's mum | 19th Jul 10 3:39

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