newsflash: there is spam on the internet

Today I have mostly been irritated by this bit of "news": Porn posted on web forum.

Big deal.  It's spam!  Unfortunately, this is what happens to the vast majority of public web forums.  Spammers create accounts and post crap.  It's not even real humans doing it - just bots.  And unless someone has specifically taken steps to stop spammy registrations or posting (which they haven't, it's a bog standard looking vBulletin installation), the bots will find the forum and it will get spammed.

Of course, it could be an actual human posting bad stuff just to cause drama.  That tends to happen too, and again there's a name for it - Trolling.  Still not a big deal though.

This stuff happens. Frequently.  Yeah, it's annoying, but hardly the end of the world - and certainly no need to tell the BBC and have it plastered all over the news.  Unless, of course, they're just after more publicity...


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