radiation will destroy us all

Ahh, dodgy science, how I love you...

Having anything that emits electromagnetic waves in your home is dangerous and stupid.

oh, really.

I'm supposed to be doing nothing but producing millions of pages of write up at the moment, but I couldn't resist this one...

So, I pointed out that having no sources of electromagnetic radiation (woops, did I say that?! :o) in your house would mean no lights, no heaters, no microwave... etc etc etc

This point was entirely missed, and I gave up.

But there's that word again... "Radiation".   Clearly all types of radiation will fry your brain and make you glow in the dark.  And electromagnetic radiation?!  woah.  You can kill things with electricity, and you can certainly do a fair amount of damage with a magnet if you felt the need (credit cards and CRT monitors?). 
So the two together, in the form of radiation?!  Very dangerous.  Ban it now, it must be a health and safety risk!

Speaking of science, the world might get sucked into a small black hole tomorrow.  That would be slightly inconvenient - I've put a lot of effort into this masters, I'd at least like to finish it!  So yeah CERN people, my deadline is next Tuesday, if you could lay off destroying the universe until after then that would be good thanks.



  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    When you've finished the write-up you can radiate happiness if the world is still in one piece!

    geek's mum | 9th Sep 08 15:20

  2. JaNuS's gravatar

    I am playing with the EMC chamber at work. That will probably fry my brain - I'll have to check on the glowing though

    JaNuS | 17th Sep 08 17:12

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