Today I decided to conduct a scientific investigation on a very important subject.  Chocolate.

More specifically, bubbly chocolate.  This was inspired by me buying a wispa yesterday, and it not being as bubbly as I remembered.  Either that or I was bored, make your own mind up.

I also happen to have the remains of a bar of Dairy Milk Bubbly lying around, so yay, a comparison:

Wispa (on the left) is described on the packaging as "Aerated Milk Chocolate", and seems to consist of lots of small bubbles (with the odd big one).  The Bubbly (on the right) is "Textured Milk Chocolate",... continue reading »

radiation will destroy us all

Ahh, dodgy science, how I love you...

Having anything that emits electromagnetic waves in your home is dangerous and stupid.

oh, really.

I'm supposed to be doing nothing but producing millions of pages of write up at the moment, but I couldn't resist this one...

So, I pointed out that having no sources of electromagnetic radiation (woops, did I say that?! :o) in your house would mean no lights, no heaters, no microwave... etc etc etc

This point was entirely missed, and I gave up.

But there's that word again... "Radiation".   Clearly all types of radiation will fry your brain and make you glow in the... continue reading »

but I can count on my fingers!

One eighth of 32 is... uhhh?  Really though, how are people that stupid?  Actually, they're probably not - a survey of 2000 ITV viewers is not a representative sample of anything and statistics are crap and easily manipulated and should probably never be listened to.  ever.

And whilst I'm thinking about it...  1 in 14?  from 2000 people?  yeah, that's a nice round number.  Same as all those stupid shampoo adverts: "90% (of 142 people) say their hair is shinier".  Oh really, do they now?  Best not to get into the 'science' of how you can measure shininess, or the other... continue reading »

Lunar Eclipse

There's a total lunar eclipse, like, right now.  It's amazing :)  I've been taking photos like some kind of mad woman, because although they're not that rare, it's usually cloudy or at stupid times in the morning so I don't get to see them. 

So yes, of about 45 images taken before all my batteries died this is the best one.  Not photoshopped (well, cropped and sharpened a tiny bit but that's all), still a little bit blurry but I'm rather pleased.  Most of the other images came out quite badly - there was one other decent one but it's a... continue reading »

ahh, scaremongering

Wandering around Ludlow today I spotted an advert in a shop window for some rubbishy anti-wrinkle cream or other.  Not usually something I would think about for any more than half a second, because I am nowhere near arsed enough about wasting money on face cream, but this was different.  Bad Science.  One of my favourite things to rant about.

If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin.

It might have actually used the magic word "radiation" instead of waves - I can't remember.  ooh, doesn't that all sound exotic and sciencey and BAD!  Electricity!  Magnets!... continue reading »


So some Russian blokey got poisoned by some Polonium-210 and it's all over the news.
This has slightly pissed me off - not because of what actually happened, because radiation poisoning is not something I'd wish upon anyone - but because of the threat of mass hysteria from people who don't know what they're talking about.

Polonium 210 is an alpha source. Alpha particles, also known as helium nuclei, are fat bastards with a pathetically small range. They can't penetrate skin (or anything else for that matter) and a few cm of air will... continue reading »