Specsavers strike again

I've mentioned the various incompetencies of specsavers before, in great detail... and I had sort of been hoping that it was just the Kings Heath branch being crap.

Apparently not so much. 

Last month I went for an actual eye test.  That started badly when, after 50 minutes sat in the waiting area, I thought I'd go and ask how much longer I'd be waiting.  Only to discover that they'd actually forgotten I was there.  Great.

Eventually got my eye test, which was fine.  Left eye slightly worse, but not really much, and not enough to necessitate new glasses unless I wanted a... continue reading »

Specsavers must think I'm psychic

I tore a contact lens the other day.  Or rather, I went to put it in and noticed it was ripped, dunno how it happened.

Bit annoying, as that's only two weeks into its month of life, but there we go.

It then occurred to me that I haven't had a new lot of lenses yet.  (get a batch through the post every 3 months, the last arrived beginning of December)

So I phoned the lensmail people to see where my stuff has got to... to discover that they're holding my lenses hostage until I go for another eye test.  But no-one bothered... continue reading »

Should have gone somewhere other than Specsavers

Part who-knows-what in the continuing saga of my eyesight...

I went for a contact lens checkup in May, because my old ones were useless - I could see through them, but not anything close up. Like computer screens, books, TV, road signs...  There was some faff getting my records from the Ludlow branch, but that's ok.

So they went off to order the new lenses in, and I heard no more about it.  Chased them up (earlier this month), and they claimed to have no record of me ever going in, and generally sounded quite confused.  I explained I was waiting for... continue reading »


I swam 70 lengths today. 55 dodgy breast stroke, 15 dodgy front crawl. Last time I did 60, but I probably won't push for 80 next week though, heh :D Don't want to overdo it!

Swimming is an odd one though. I used to hate it so much when I was younger, to the point of skiving off all the swimming galas and conveniently forgetting my kit...
But now I quite like it. Probably because now there's no one shouting at me about it, and no 'friends' threatening to drown me because they think it's some hilarious joke.

There is one... continue reading »