#TrigPillar80 tshirt

This year marks the 80th birthday of the trig pillar.  To celebrate, Ordnance Survey have been running a Twitter/Instagram photo competition.

A few weeks ago one of my pictures (this one) was chosen as a winner.  Exciting!

modelling the tshirt

So here I am, standing next to one my local trig points modelling my shiny new tshirt.  I feel I should also point out that the messy flowers are nothing to do with me or the dog.

Thanks OS :)  I'd definitely recommend a browse through the #trigpillar80 hashtag to see what photos everyone else has come up with.



  1. Mark's gravatar

    Hi, Sorry to use this form but I would love a copy of the guestblocks code you have as the original sites have disappeared. Is there any way you could send that to me? I'm planning a site revamp and I'd love to incorporate the blocks again (I had them many years ago after differentsky posted to the wordpress.org forums).
    Many thanks,

    Mark | 7th Aug 16 10:31

  2. Jenni Tulip's gravatar

    Oh wow, well done for winning! Lovely pic of the sheep at the trigpoint and so it the one of you in your awesome new tshirt!

    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    Jenni Tulip | 7th Aug 16 19:38

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