Wind in the willows

Driving home tonight I turned off the A49 (as I always do), got to the little humpback bridge that is best not taken above 30mph, and almost* went flying into the back of another car that was stopped there with its indicators and reverse lights on. oookay then.

At that point I also noticed a large tree - looking slightly more horizontal than trees usually do - about 3m above the road. Plenty of space to drive underneath it, but I figured this guy must have stopped because there was other stuff blocking the actual road. So rather than zooming past I stopped and waited for them to turn around or whatever.
They didn't. I was just about to get out of the car and be a bit more nosy when someone drove past in the other direction. So obviously the road was not blocked up with bits of tree, and this bloke in the car in front was just being weird. hmm.

* no, not really, I saw it and stopped with plenty of time/distance to spare


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