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It would appear that all the hard work and pain of the last twelve months was worth it, as I've passed my MSc with distinction!  Yay :D

virgin media are still rubbish

My internet connection is doing something weird.  For a change :roll:

Sites aren't loading.  Not all sites, and not all the time.  But there's a few that are consistently broken (including this one, bah).  Not a DNS thing, not a server problem with the sites themselves...  Pinging works normally, and small things will load (I can always get to my 404 page, or load small images) - just not whole pages.  The title will come up, but then it just sits and 'loads' forever.  No timeouts either.

And then occasionally there'll be a 2 minute burst where everything is fine and normal. ... continue reading »


Today I decided to conduct a scientific investigation on a very important subject.  Chocolate.

More specifically, bubbly chocolate.  This was inspired by me buying a wispa yesterday, and it not being as bubbly as I remembered.  Either that or I was bored, make your own mind up.

I also happen to have the remains of a bar of Dairy Milk Bubbly lying around, so yay, a comparison:

Wispa (on the left) is described on the packaging as "Aerated Milk Chocolate", and seems to consist of lots of small bubbles (with the odd big one).  The Bubbly (on the right) is "Textured Milk Chocolate",... continue reading »

newsflash: there is spam on the internet

Today I have mostly been irritated by this bit of "news": Porn posted on web forum.

Big deal.  It's spam!  Unfortunately, this is what happens to the vast majority of public web forums.  Spammers create accounts and post crap.  It's not even real humans doing it - just bots.  And unless someone has specifically taken steps to stop spammy registrations or posting (which they haven't, it's a bog standard looking vBulletin installation), the bots will find the forum and it will get spammed.

Of course, it could be an actual human posting bad stuff just to cause drama.  That tends to happen... continue reading »

ooh look, it's a bit new and different

I've been working on this new website for far too long.  It's still not done (but then again, is my personal website ever going to be 'complete'?), but I think it is at least now in a usable state, so here you go.

What's new?

I've recoded everything (not that you'd notice!).  Or mostly everything, anyway.  Still in php, obviously, but now vaguely object oriented and PHP5.
User accounts!  No commenting without one, haha. There is a point to this - much as I'm intrigued by the idea of telling everyone on the internet every detail about my life, I can't do... continue reading »