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mmm, widgety

As a slight distraction from my current fairly high level of "ohmygod I have to move house" stress and panic, I spent a good few hours this weekend playing with my desktop. This was brought on by some reading up on KDE4.. sod vista, I know what I'd rather use :)

First off - removing ALL icons.  I can't stand having more than about 3 icons on my desktop.  One of the (many) things I love about linux is that whenever I install something, I don't mysteriously end up with thousands of icons and shortcuts scattered all over... continue reading »

it's fucking freezing!

It's cold.  very cold.  Thermometer says it's about 8 degrees in my room - which is the 'new' extensiony bit of the house, so doesn't have massive thick stone walls or whatever like the rest of it. 

We've got the fire on though, which does a good job of warming the rest of the house up (or it would if Alex would ever keep the lounge doors open anyway). 

I want some snow!  Apparently it was snowing in Stoke the other night, and in Birmingham. But not here.  bah.  London (centre of the entire universe don't you know) has snow, so... continue reading »

email clients

I have a confession to make.  It's a geeky one, so nothing exciting, but still.

I really don't like Mozilla Thunderbird.  I've been using that and Firefox for years now, and I really do think Firefox is an excellent browser.  The problem I have with Thunderbird is that the second I try and do anything with it that isn't just simple sending and receiving of email it fails miserably. Have a list:

Searching.  I can never find the search option.  Then when I do, it opens pop up windows and gives me far too many options.  Quick search, that would be nice. ... continue reading »

Leeky Chocolate Oranges

Everyone knows that the only way to 'tap and unwrap' a chocolate orange is to bash the living shit out of it, yes? They even have it on the adverts now.

But apparently this is not so true anymore! I'm quite disappointed actually. Me and John had two each in our xmas stockings (yes, I know..), and I've only just got round to eating the second one.
My first one was a tangy one (absolutely the best type), and I barely had to touch that to get it open. In fact, I think all I did was... continue reading »

ubuntu is actually not so rubbish

Yesterday Alex rather foolishly agreed to let me remove Windows ME from his (old old old) laptop and but something decent on there instead. ie linux, in the form of xubuntu (cos the laptop is crap and only has 64meg of ram)

I don't think I've mentioned here yet that my kubuntu install is now working perfectly.. My dad changed one setting in the bios and suddenly everything started working properly without me having to do anything else. So actually not linux's fault at all, but rather my hardware being a bit stupid. oops.

But yes, the laptop. ... continue reading »

60,000 miles

Yes, I am sad enough that seeing things like that make me smile. Even better when it ticks over just as I'm coming into the village, so I didn't have to take any dodgy camera phone pics whilst driving (like the one of 50,000 taken at 40mph...)

1337 o'clock always amuses me too. And 1024, 1234, 2048, 2345 etc etc. Ooh, and any time that make pretty patterns on my binary clock thing (which is actually quite often)

Incidently, 50,000 was June 2nd, so a tiny bit over six months ago. Have I mentioned recently that I spend... continue reading »


So apparently Morrissey wants to do Eurovision. wtf?!

I really don't understand the UK's approach to Eurovision. Every year they (or, if you really must, 'we') try and find the *best* song and get far too serious about it. Is it not painfully obvious that the song that wins it is always going to be the most cheesy and ridiculous one? Seriously, if I've realised this - bearing in mind that I don't think I have ever watched more than about 15 minutes of Eurovision - why hasn't everyone else?
I also really don't understand why anyone would... continue reading »