Glevum Way, part 2


Having made a start on it in June, August bank holiday was bookmarked for part two of the Glevum Way.

Once again we started in Cooper's Edge, but this time walked anticlockwise as far as Cheltenham Road.  I think we'd hoped to get a bit further (probably to where it meets the A38 in Longford), but it was such a lovely hot sunny day that any more would have been too much for the dogs!

I don't have a huge amount to say about the walk itself - we walked through Hucclecote then up Churchdown Hill, briefly stopping in the churchyard to admire the views over towards Cheltenham:

view from churchdown hill

Then it was back down the other side and into Churchdown itself.  Very familiar dog walking paths for us!

walking down into Churchdown

The path then goes along the side of the airport before popping out on the B4063, which is where we left it and headed home for a BBQ!

We now have about 10km left to walk.

cycling the Newent loop


The Newent Loop is a 45km cycle route, starting and ending in Newent (funny that).

We discovered its existence when we spotted a few signs on a previous ride, so for last weekend's Sunday evening ride, we went and rode the full loop in an anticlockwise direction.  The big car park in the town centre has a large map on the side of the toilet building, but the entire route is very well signposted - we didn't need to stop and check directions at all.  There's also a signposted shortcut that splits the route into two smaller loops.

signposts half way round the Newent Loop
note to self: try and hold phone still until it's actually taken the photo

The roads were quiet with generally good quality surfaces although it did get a bit 'countryside' in places with mud and plants growing up the middle!  There aren't any major hills, which was good for me as it turns out going uphill is annoyingly slow when your front derailleur has decided it doesn't like the middle ring and you end up granny gearing it (yes, I ride a triple).

The only non ideal part of the route: as you come back into Newent the "cycle" path gained some "cyclists dismount" signs and we had to walk for a short distance.  Boo. Having looked at a map afterwards, I now realised this could have been easily avoided by turning onto Gloucester road, but I guess the route doesn't do that because it gets busier with traffic in the daytime?  Certainly something to remember if I find myself riding this again!

bikes leaning against Newent market hall
Obligatory 'bikes leaning against something' photo - in this case Newent market hall

If you wanted to stop along the way and visit any places of interest (churches, chapels, maybe even a detour to Hartpury bee shelter), or for a picnic and general enjoyment of the surrounding countryside I think this would make a nice half day out.  I'd certainly have stopped to take more photos if I'd been riding by myself.

Ruehill and Yewstock


Camping in July with the usual gang of friends from uni.  That'll be nice - most likely warm(ish) and hopefully dry.

Or not.  After a ridiculously slow drive (thanks M5 roadworks and 'start of school holidays' traffic) I arrived at a very wet Ruehill campsite to find Jo having a major tent disaster - she'd left the flysheet at home!  I quickly popped my tent up, then retreated to the car to wait for the others to arrive while she went and bought an emergency new tent from a local halfords.
(Fun fact: 'showerproof' £10 tents very definitely can't cope with rainy Staffordshire moorlands.
Fun fact #2: when we moved her original tent the next morning, it turned out the flysheet was underneath it all along....!)

The rain was clearly not planning on stopping so we drove to a local fish and chip shop, ate in the cars then drove to the pub just down the road.

Thankfully, Saturday was much drier.  At about 11am, we got the firepit going - as we obviously hadn't been able to the night before - and toasted far too many marshmallows.

11am firepit
Me playing with fire. Photo by Lucy

We thought about finding a local attraction to visit, or going for a walk, or even just finding somewhere for tea and cake, but in the end it was just nice to sit around the fire catching up.  In the afternoon we wandered down the road to Yewstock music and beer festival, where I drank too much cider too quickly for that early on in the day!

yewstock flyer and beer token

We headed back to the other pub for dinner, once again taking shelter from the rain.

On Sunday morning tents were packed up, and most of us stopped off for a lovely breakfast at the Cottage Kitchen, before heading our separate ways back to families, dogs, children, etc.